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Jake Olson’s Pure Country Collection

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Jake Olson’s Pure Country presets are designed to simplify your workflow and speed up the editing process by creating beautiful effects.

Country Boy:

For your little buckaroo, Jake Olson has created Pure Country Collection - Country Boy. Containing 15 presets, you can choose from a large array of settings to suit your desired palette.  With more masculine colors of muted and colder tones, this collection is the perfect additional and final step in creating that stunning portrait! Even the toughest little cowpoke, will ride off into the sunset with a smile on his face!  

Country Girl:

Country Girl, with your little cowgirl in mind.  You will have access to 15 amazing soft pastels presets for that little lass in your life. With just a click of a button, transform your little angel instantly to fit any desired look you seek. The soft colors and light glow are simply stunning and a must for any portrait photographer.         


  • 30 Presets Included
  • Presets work on RAW and JPEG images
  • Compatible with Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6 and the Creative Cloud
  • Compatible with both a Mac and PC
  • Instructions Included in download
  • Instant Download
  • International Orders Accepted

Country Boy Presets:

Preset 01 - Neutral white balance, slightly lighter shadows

Preset 02 - Darker warmer shadows, cold highlights

Preset 03 - Cold white balance, cyan highlights, darker shadows

Preset 04 - Vivid saturated colors, slightly warmer white balance, higher contrast

Preset 05 - Cold tones, light cyan highlights, blue shadows

Preset 06 - Higher clarity, vibrant colors, slightly warmer tones

Preset 07 - High clarity, neutral white balance, white greens, warm skin tones

Preset 08 - High clarity, dark shadows, neutral white balance, desaturated greens

Preset 09 - Colder tones, green highlight, slightly higher clarity, lighter shadows

Preset 10 - Colder tones, green highlight, higher clarity, dark vignette

Preset 11 - Desaturated colors, warm skin tones, high clarity, lighter shadows

Preset 12 - Slightly colder skin tones, high clarity, blue shadows and greens

Preset 13 - Emerald blues, cyan highlights, orange skin tones, higher contrast

Preset 14 - Neutral skin tones, colder tones, lower contrast, emerald greens

Preset 15 - Red skin tones, olive greens, lighter shadows, less vibrant colors

Country Girl Presets:

Preset 01 - Warm slightly faded colors, lighter shadows and highlights

Preset 02 - Cold neutral colors, light faded shadows

Preset 03 - Warm, pastel colors, lower clarity

Preset 04 - Warm highlights, faded colors, lower clarity

Preset 05 - Cold tones, emerald shadows, violet mid tones, neutral highlights

Preset 06 - Cold greens and blues, pink reds, slightly faded

Preset 07 - Pastel tones, pink shadows and highlights, very light shadows

Preset 08 - Olive greens, blue violets, pink reds and oranges, highlighted

Preset 09 - Olive greens, pastel violets, orange reds, highlighted

Preset 10 - Vibrant colors, neutral white balance, intense warm tones

Preset 11 - Neutral colder tones, highly faded, lighter shadows

Preset 12 - Warm pastel tones, colder shadows, faded

Preset 13 - Warm pastel tones, light shadows, faded, intense highlights

Preset 14 - Slightly colder colors, slightly faded

Preset 15 - Neutral tones, slightly faded

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